10 Steps for Vocal Improvement

Hey People, I believe that this can help everyone trying to better themselves vocally, so receive this with love and try it out!

First and Foremost, NEVER sing without warming up. With that being said, here are the steps:

For a quick warm up (not recommended but a last case scenario), just hum a song a bit and then imitate a siren the loudest you can.

  1. Small controlled breaths
  2. Keep the air in by contracting the abs
  3. Project air up as if you were saying out loud “Mooom, come here!!!” (No yelling)
  4. Project only a small quantity of air for constant air flow in the chords
  5. Aim the sound over the head (UP) using the uvula
  6. Still keep that air in (no deflating!)
  7. Emotion and Attitude (listen to yourself), make it sound nice
  8. Make sure to reach the audience (worshipers)
  9. Singing is a teamwork between voice, spirit, mind, body and the music
  10. Smile and enjoy!

Hope this can help 🙂




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